Episode 9 Interview with Travis Gibb Part 2

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In part 2 of my interview with Travis Gibb, we discuss personal branding tips and challenges and some strategies to use if you need to brand yourself for a variety of niches.

We also dig deeper into Travis’s Marketplace Ministries work and how he sees the roles of Christian business owners.

For many business owners, by looking at their back story it gives us more understanding of who they are and how they run their business. Travis graciously shared his background with us and how it affects how he is as a person and business owner.

Listen to Part 2 of my Interview with Travis Gibb

Photos and Links from Part 2 of my Interview with Travis Gibb
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Effex Agency – a web development and Internet marketing company – www.effexagency.com
Website for the comic book, “Broke Down and Four Dead Bodies” www.brokedownandfourdeadbodies.com
Facebook Group for Marketplace Ministrieshttps://www.facebook.com/BreakingWallsBrevard/
In the first episode of my interview with Travis, we talked about how Travis used Kickstarter to fund his comic book. Want to view Travis’s Kickstarter page?

Takeaways from Part 2 of my Interview with Travis Gibb

Travis has what I find an interesting take on serving others in a Christian manner. He doesn’t think you’re required to be a pastor or someone who works at the church to serve God. He believes that being a plumber, garbage man, or other regular worker is fine in God’s eyes. He helps business people see that in whatever you do it’s by presenting Christian values that make you a disciple.

Branding yourself is important, and if you have a variety of interests and fields, make sure that you are branded separately for each of these. Don’t put everything you do on a single webpage. Keep it separate so your audience understands what you do.

Look at people through a lens of love and understanding. It’s not as simple as dismissing people as drug addicts etc.. because of their bad choices.

Complete Transcript from Part 2 of my Interview with Travis Gibb

Kim:  00:00 You’re listening to Space Coast Stories, a podcast with interviews and stories from people and businesses on Florida’s Space Coast. I’m your host, Kim Shivler. Thanks for joining me.

Kim:  00:15 Hello again. My Space Coast friends. You’re about to listen to part two of my interview with Travis Gibb. If you haven’t heard it already, I highly recommend going back and listening to episode eight. It was the first part of our interview. In that one we talked about web marketing, Kickstarter campaigns and comic books, and this one we’re going to talk about branding and Travis is going to share how he works with Marketplace Ministries along with some of his backstory. Please enjoy the show.

Travis:  00:53  One of the strategies I teach people, a lot of times your businesses is branding yourself, so what you need to do is make sure when someone searches you that it’s your brand and whatever that looks for, and you can do that with LinkedIn. You can do that with your own website, but if you have something, even if it’s a 60 page pamphlet that you can put it on Createspace and put it on Amazon to show that you’re an expert.

Travis:  01:13 No one knows that you just did it for free on Amazon. No one knows the difference. So make yourself the expert and that’s going to help you get that speaking gig that you want or get to that next level that you want to make sure your name comes up there. So you know, I made sure that all my old books were labeled and online. So when you searched me, I was a comic creator. I was a comic creator for a long time. So I did all my due diligence on making sure if someone searches my name that I’m a good investment. You know, I’m not just someone who decided one day to write a comic book. I’m a good investment. I’ve been doing it for a little bit.

Kim:  01:45  You have any suggestions for people who have multiple brands because you do, you’ve got your Marketplace Ministry and you’ve got this comic book.

Kim:  01:54  And when I searched for, you know, what do I find? How do I, because I’m one of those people too. So I’m actually asking for personal, uh, a good way to be able to segment your brands to get the right audience that it, that is probably the biggest problem that I have, you know, it’s trying to separate those and trying to explain the two, especially when you come.

Travis:  02:14 You know, when I talked to about being Christian, like this is not Christian, but I’m okay with God. Like it’s okay that I do this, you know, and I have to justify myself to the Christian community. The comic community, they actually don’t care. They’re just like, it’s violent, right? Cool. It has guns and violence and blood and you’re cool with me. But they are, they’re actually a little bit more responsive. They actually viewed me as the Christian Comic Creator even though they’ve never heard any of my messages is any of that stuff because I’ve been branded on that.

Travis:  02:41 But the key is, is making sure when the sub name is put in, when the substance, Travis, Christian, the right stuff comes up and those things don’t get mixed up. And for me, uh, I think you made a mention. I don’t know if it was on the air, I’m relating to the BeeGees, right. So I actually am related to the BeeGees, they are distant cousins or whatever. They have too much money so, they don’t talk to me or any of my immediate family, but uh, his son is Travis Gibb, so that’s a big problem for me because literally we’re the only people who do anything. Um, and he just goes to places with his dad, like he doesn’t really do anything but now and then dates, an actress or something so gets a little exposure. In fact, a funny story back in the old AOL days, there was this guy who came up to me and said, his name is Travis Gibb, and he was claiming to be the BeeGees guy and he was like, what are you eating? I’m like, Ramen Noodles because I’m in college and I’m poor. And he’s like, I’m eating Filet Mignon. I was like, I don’t even know what that is because I’m 18 years old.

Travis:  03:39 He’s like, it steak. Oh, that’s cool. I like steak. My family didn’t take me to fancy restaurants. So anyways, it got so bad that this girl messaged me and says, is he Travis Gibb? And he’s messaging me asking hey, can you say that? I’m really not like I’m just trying to get it. And I sat there and I was just like, oh my gosh, first off, who’s trying to attract women? Like if you’re 18 years old and you’re using Travis Gibb because he’s the same age as me. I’m 39 now. So at the time he was 18, 20. Who, what kind of girls you are attracting the BeeGees fan like being a BeeGees son. Who are you? What’s your target market? I think that’s my first thing in marketing. Looking at him going, you’re not hitting your right market because you’re not attracting 30, 40, 50 year old women.

Travis:    04:28 Right? Because that’s your market. But yeah, it was a funny story.

Kim:   04:31  That’s my generation, right?

Travis:   04:33 But yeah, it’s, it’s really separating our brands and making sure that it’s consistent and that link back, you now have a brand that is you. So for instance, because of the separation between the two, I have my website for Orange Cone Productions was my production company for the comic that is just my comic books and it doesn’t refer back to my Marketplace Ministry because it’s just me and I would confuse that brand if I published other books, right? Because it needs to be just me because I got to keep that consistent and unfortunately that’s a negative for me on some level, right? Because I can’t just go, hey friend, I think you can really do this. Let me bring you to my production company and we’ll do all thing, but I need to keep that brand separately because I do.

Travis:   05:13 I’m writing a book for Marketplace Ministry. I’m doing seminars on Marketplace Ministry, I’m talking about those and I’ve got to keep them semi separate. But you know, the biggest mistake you can do is hide. The other mistake that people make is they put it all on one website, right? I do this, this, this and this, and then you’re confused and no one knows what to buy, right? No one knows what you do and they move onto the next thing. You know, we have a guy like that and one of our networking groups, he, he, he’s into like four or five things and he shares every week and we’re like, I don’t really know what you do. And then people coming up to me, does he do what you do? Kind of, but not really like an in, in building that. And it hurts you. It hurts you bad because people don’t know what you do. They can’t trust you. And you know, people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Kim:  05:55 So tell us a little bit more then about Marketplace Ministries. What is that?

Travis:  05:59  Yeah. So Marketplace Ministry is a unique thing and I, uh, I handle it a little bit differently than the average guy. So basically, it’s Christian owned businesses. So owning your business and running it with Christian principles. So how to manage your money, how to treat your employees, how to treat stuff. But when you’re in business, I don’t care how good you are running your business, you’re going to screw somebody over in reality. You’re going to make a mistake that’s going to cost someone money and I guess screwing them over is not the right term, but you’re going to make a mistake that does it in how, how to reconcile that and that’s what Marketplace Ministry does, is kind of teaches the tools of how to continue to walk in your faith and use your business as a platform to expand the kingdom and teach people.

Travis: 06:43  o if you go to a local church, you know you go every week, you have guys who hand out pamphlets, you have a pastor, you have a youth minister, you have children ministry. Any one of those people who volunteer for all those things are going to be brought up to the church, right at some point and said, this guy has been serving the church for 20 years. He’s handed out pamphlets. It’s great. You know who’s not getting acknowledged. That guy who helped you during the last hurricane, who is your plumber, who helped 12 people’s families not be flooded and did it for free because he knew they didn’t have the money or that roofer and the church has a disconnect even further where if they need a plumber or they need a roofer, they are never going to hire the guy inside the church because they’re afraid that if they do a bad job, it’s going to reflect poorly on the church and they’d rather separate that.

Travis:   07:25 So what I do is I teach that we need to stop having that disconnect. We need to go into the marketplace. We need to learn what that is and and be able to teach. And it’s, it’s understanding what people’s position is in the marketplace and understanding that God calls you to do that. And that’s good enough, right? You don’t have to be a pastor. You don’t have to be this. You know, we get confused. You know, Christ says to go and build disciples, but it’s not that we need to sit with someone and tell them about Christ everyday. It’s that you need to reveal and, someone needs to know that you’re a Christian and everything you do, and so someone can ask questions. I love it when someone goes, how can you write this comic can be a Christian? Let me tell you, and I get to tell that story and tell that initiative.

Travis:  08:03 So that’s what I do. I try to empower people in and doing what they have and even the opposite, right? If you’re a garbage man, you can just be a garbage man. It’s okay because we’re. We tell them that it’s not. You know, you listen to your pastor, they tell them it’s not do your job. You know what’s the best Christian you can be. Take care of your wife or your kids. Make sure that they, they raise yourself right, and you do everything in the best values that you can. That’s good enough. God’s good enough with that. Not everyone needs to know, you know, take over the nations. We need all of it.

Kim:  08:32 Absolutely. I think that’s very, very valuable. You also have very interesting backstory that may be kind of brought you to this realization of a fuller view of Christianity. They even sometimes we see when we just listened to the preacher talking to us on Sunday. So tell us a little bit about that.

Travis:   08:50  Oh yeah. So, um, I grew up in a heavy drug and alcohol family, um, you know, people were using on a regular basis. You know, all my friends were drug addicts. I was sexually abused by people who came in the house pretty much every bad thing that you could possibly say has happened to me on some level. And really that’s what brought me to Florida. You know, it’s, I did come to film school but I came to get away, you know, to escape, you know, and it saved me, you know, it really did. Like if I would’ve stayed there, I would have fell it. And you know, my dad, my dad right now is being, is on oxygen. He still smokes two packs a day. He goes to the Methadone clinic once a day and my brother takes care of him. That’s all my brother’s life is has been as taking care of him.

Travis:   09:28 My other brother’s in prison, you know, it’s, uh, it’s, it’s a tragic story. You know, when you look at it. I was lucky. I’m one of the lucky ones because my extended family, my dad’s family middle class higher stuff. So I saw that this wasn’t reality, but some people don’t, right? They just, they married into a trailer park or their Dad’s side’s trailer park there right side is trailer park. Now, if anybody’s listening and they’re in a trailer park, it’s okay not judging. I’m just using that as a wide example. Um, so I, you know, when I came in and I started figuring out what stuff, I didn’t become a Christian for a real long time. Actually, it’s only been about eight years, but when I started my business, believe it or not, about the same time as when I became a Christian, um, I was going through a really bad divorce.

Travis:  10:11 My wife had an affair and I got to watch the videotape of it. Lucky me, I wanted someone. I was so upset about it. Like I started seeking out Christian women because I was like, they have a book that says they can’t leave me. I was like, if the book says that. Little did I realize that when you go to churches, they don’t really follow that part of the book very often. Uh, but yeah, so I started going on this path and God started speaking to me and I started going on this, but I’ve become a Christian and now I’m full force. You know, I do Marketplace Ministry on a regular basis. That’s a once a month I do a meeting for that. I’m going to Utah at the end of the month to preach to the Mormons and talked to the kind of metal punk rock kids. So there’s a band called Sleeping Giants and he attracts all these kids and we kind of preach them their life because the normal Christian church doesn’t know what to do with them.

Travis:  11:02  And that’s my audience, right? I know these people who are broken, who doesn’t know what to do to fit in. And I use my gifts and marketing and stuff and to teach them, you know, that they’re good enough at what they do and try to empower them to go that extra mile. You know, I really have a heart for people. Um, I have a love for people and making people succeed. That’s what I do in my business. That’s what I do in marketplace. Even comics, like you, I’ve only been in it three months and I’ve helped so many people get to that, make sure they’re funded or get to that place so they can achieve their dreams because I have a heart for that and it. And it causes tension, right? Because the normal Christians, it’s heavy Republicans, heavy stuff. But I have to care about social issues.

Travis:  11:41  I grew up poor. I grew up poor in my family on without welfare I would have died. I have a friend who just got gunned down from the cops and, and we look at this thing where he was a drug addict and he did all these things. But you know what? All that drug support his family so they can live. His daughter had cancer, terminal cancer, they flew to Hawaii a few a couple of years ago as like a Make a Wish Foundation, so he’s doing all these things. These people have stories and we ignore those stories because we do this black and white or it’s not and we look at our state. If you look at the east coast, Florida hides it better than other states, but if you go up to the north, the opioid epidemic is is horrible. The drugs and alcohol, the drugs are heavily killing that community and we we just go, well that’s a drug addict.

Travis:  12:28   He can’t change. Well, I challenge you to go to an AA meeting if you’re not a church church guy or go to a church and tell me people don’t change because they do and people are making drastic changes and I helped them everyday in business. Why can you come to me as a marketplace and say I need to change so I can be successful, but you don’t believe that as a, as a human being, there’s a disconnect there. And I try to align those. And you have a really interesting philosophy on that, about numbers of choices, right? Yeah, sure. Um, I was talking to Kim before. Um, I believe that everyone, I don’t care who you are, that you’re three to four choices for making a it from being down that road and we need to start looking at our life that way. So when we talk to somebody, we don’t go, well, he’s just, you know, is made tons of bad choices.

Travis: 13:10  I believe it’s only three or four choices in your life that are key moments that have done that. Whether that staying with that girlfriend that you know was, was bad for you or staying with that boyfriend who was abusing you, whether that’s continuing to party way past your time. You know, everyone knows you’re allowed to party at the height of college age, but you’ve got to grow up one day, right? And you see that and you see that breaking point, um, and they don’t, they don’t evolve past that. And when you look at people from that Lens, you can really connect with them and try to make an impact.

Kim:   14:52  So Travis, tell people how they can get in touch with you.


Travis:  14:52   But yeah, so there’s a couple different ways you can go to effexagency.com. If you are looking for web design marketing, or just want to hang out. I will meet with anybody for coffee. All my information’s free. Kim sat with me several times. Just if you want to talk to me, you want my marketing advice, I’ll give it to you for free. If you want me to do work, then you’re going to have to pay me for comic. It’s brokedownandfourbodies.com. And that’s where you get that. And Marketplace Ministry. Are you going to find Breaking Walls group on Facebook? It does have a website as well, breakingwallsbrevard.com. I think I don’t use it as much as I should. I apologize. You know, again, when you brand yourself too far out, you don’t use everything. Um, there’s a whole bunch of seminars coming up, so you’ll see those as, as they come out. But yeah, that’s how you reach me.

Kim:  14:52  Excellent. And we will put links to all of that in the show notes. Thanks so much for joining us on this episode of Space Coast Stories. I’m your host, Kim Shivler. I’ll see you next time.

Kim:  14:52  Join us next time for another episode of Space Coast Stories. You can find the show notes and other information spacecoaststories.com. The views of the guest on this show are their own and don’t necessarily represent the views of the show owners or company. Thanks for listening to space coast stories.


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