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In today’s episode, I interview Danielle Matthews about what might seem like a horrific story to most of us and how she has turned that into a win.

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Headshot of Danielle MatthewsTo learn more about Danielle, contact her via email at danielle@brainbodyself.com

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Takeaways from my Interview with Danielle Matthews

When it comes to brain injuries, it doesn’t have to be the biggest one ever to completely change your life. In this case, what doctors called a minor TBI still completely sidetracked Danielle’s life.
If you are faced with a TBI, even a minor one, there are resources available to help including support groups and cognitive therapists. Keep searching and be open to try new things until you find what works for you.

Transcript from my Interview with Danielle Matthews

Kim:                             00:00                You’re listening to Space Coast Stories, a podcast with interviews and stories from people in businesses face. I’m your host, Kim Shivler. Thanks for joining me. Hey everybody on the space coast. This is Kim Shivler. Thanks for joining us on space coast stories. Today. I am going to be talking to Danielle Matthews who has a really fascinating backstory, a little scary for some of us, I think when we hear it, but hold with us because you’re going to see that it really has come around for her and and become a great business story. Welcome Danielle. Thank you Kim. Thanks for having me. You’re welcome. Let’s go ahead and get started with the backstory because this really happened at a, at a young time in your life. So go ahead and tell us a little bit about your story.

Danielle:                       00:59                So I’d say this journey really started. I was 23 years old and was in June of 2012 and I was visiting a friend in Baltimore City and I had gotten up early to go to a wedding. It was 7:00 in the morning driving into the city and I was in a severe car accident. I was actually hit by a drunk driver that morning that had fallen asleep driving, and as a result of that accident, uh, I walked away from the vehicle. It looked like I was fine, but I ended up sustaining what’s called a mild traumatic brain injury, a mild TBI, and I was sharing with you, you know, I think that that statement is kind of an oxymoron because what that did for my life was not mild, truly turned it upside down.

Kim:                             01:36                And that’s something if we think back to 2012, you didn’t hear the word TBI very often, traumatic brain injury. And now it seems like I’ve seen a lot of research on it. I’m hearing it on podcasts. There’s a lot of, of researchers out there talking about it and even what they call quote mild can be, as you mentioned, life changing because you’re actually affecting the brain itself. So tell us a little bit about what that, what happened, what did change in your life? So

Danielle:                       02:11                Things really shifted. I became very sensitive to light and to noise, uh, so much so that I actually had to put black out fabric in my bedroom because just natural light was too much for me going out at night, just the headlights of a car. I had to wear sunglasses at night. I couldn’t handle noise, so really going out of the house at all to do anything, was very overwhelming to me and I had migraines that would vary in their intensity levels, uh, everyday, but never relented. There was a constant, some sort of pounding or discomfort in my brain. And I also cognitively what happened for me with that, my processing speed just slowed quite a bit. I was unable to get the words out that I wanted to say, you know, I could talk around a word, I could tell you it started with a c and I could tell you everything that meant, but I couldn’t get that word out.

Danielle:                       02:55                And my ability to concentrate, I could get on a computer. And after about 10 minutes I was just so completely overwhelmed that I had to go lay down. As you can imagine, my mood took a big, big dip and I became really depressed. I ended up having panic attacks pretty often, which had been something I’d never experienced in my life before. And uh, it, it pulled me for my life. I mean, I ended up having to stop work. I had been living in Colorado working, living my dream. I was a big snowboarder and um, I was told by my doctors that snowboarding was not an option anymore. I could never be in a position to hit my head again because with concussions with, with TBIs, they’re cumulative and that really took a hit I think to my soul when I heard that and they ended up moving in with my parents and it was just full time focus on recovery.

Kim:                             03:39                You’re processing. It’s almost sounds like someone who had a stroke.

Danielle:                       03:43                Yeah. There’s a lot of similarities between. I actually ended up in a support group for a brain injury and stroke patients and it was like one of the same, you know, we were talking about the same issues and having the same difficulties and it was wonderful to connect with people in that world though because they got it, you know, explaining to someone the way I’m describing this here, but then to have someone that’s experienced it that knows what you mean and can also make light of the situation, you know, it could make jokes. It was, it was such a healing time. I think support groups are something that I’m so thankful someone reached out. It was about a year and a half after my accident. I still wasn’t well still unable to work and someone suggested one and it was life changing I would say.

Danielle:                       04:18                I mean, the connections I made, the bonds I made and the ability to heal, I think emotionally, uh, with huge.

Kim:                             04:24                It’s so often when I speak to someone who’s had some type of a traumatic event, whether it’s physical, emotional, et cetera, it seems like we don’t get that support right away. It takes us time to find it. I’m hoping that as more of us tell our stories initially when something happens to someone, they’ll start looking for what is out there because I think a lot of times there is help that we just don’t find because we don’t know about it.

Danielle:                       04:54                Yeah. Or sometimes I think, you know, we’re not okay with being not okay and admitting that you’re having a problem or that you need help. And I think there’s, you know, I, I went to a psychologist because I was dealing with such depression and there is such a shift in my life and I had lost everything that I knew.

Danielle:                       05:10                You know, prior to my accident I, Danielle was the snowboarder, the achiever. She, she was the person that, you know, excelled in everything that she did and all of a sudden I couldn’t do any of those things and I felt so empty and I didn’t realize there’s so much more to life and this accident allowed me to explore that and explore that side of myself and it just thanks to finding myself into a psychologist’s office and being able to talk to you and have those conversations that I’d never had before.

Kim:                             05:34                So yeah, a little further back story we should go into. Daniel actually has a biology degree. She was teaching math in a Colorado and uh, so she was really working with kids and having a great time enjoying it. It was teach America, Teach for America. Okay. Yeah. So, so she had been this high achiever and yet to all of the sudden be faced with truly not being able to.

Kim:                             06:03                I mean this is not depression. Like I didn’t feel like getting out of bed today. You had a lot truly physically going on in the brain that, that triggered this. Correct? Correct. Yeah. So what was next? What came next to that allowed you to start moving into something that is fulfilling?

Danielle:                       06:22                Sure. Well, it was a journey of healing. I will tell you that. And it was reaching out and being a true advocate for myself and figuring out, you know, if I wasn’t getting the answers from the Western world, my neurologist told me after a year, Danielle, you’ve done all the healing you’re going to do a, this is just your new normal and I suggest you kind of start moving on with life. And I thought, sir, I am 24 years old and I’m living at home and I can’t work and I don’t know how I’m gonna feel everyday when I wake up.

Danielle:                       06:46                And I just thought this cannot be a reality. And so thankfully my parents had the same mindset and we kept searching. We kept looking and I tried such a litany of different things and it was exposed to so many caring people that have their own stories and their own passions about how this has helped with their health or whatever it was. And, um, you know, ultimately it was, what really shifted was when I, when I got well, uh, and that happened because of my mom’s friend, she was an acupuncturist in the Annapolis Maryland area and she came to my mom and she said, I’ve started using something with my clients and it helps with cellular repair. I really think it can help Danielle. And I’ve got to be honest with you Kim, when my mom brought this stuff to me, I said a mom, this stuff is made from saline.

Danielle:                       07:28                I don’t think anything new is coming out with salt and water and I’ve never heard of these redox molecules she’s talking about. And as you mentioned, my degree’s in biology, so I just, I mean I blew it off and um, you know, the right things will find you and they’re meant to. And when I was finally opened, about six months later, my parents had had experiences with this technology to help them heal from issues they had in their joints. And they basically said, Danielle, this is it. I started using it and I’ll tell you what Kim within three months of using this, my. It was like I became the person I was before my accident, the fog I had been in for two and a half years. It lifted. I could think clearly. Again, I had the energy to go through the day. I didn’t have to take naps constantly.

Danielle:                       08:07                My migraines finally lifted. It was unbelievable.

Kim:                             08:10                You shared a little bit about that with me in your bio and you said initially we’re your parents were using it and you thought, well, it may just even be placebo effect with this.

Danielle:                       08:19                Oh yeah. I always skip over that part where I was a real big Brat, so my parents, when they. When they came to me after they had both clearly had experienced. I mean my mom couldn’t make a fist and within six weeks of using this, she was. She was able to continue with it for six weeks and was able to start making fists again and her pain levels just. I mean we’re. She said they didn’t, weren’t gone, but they were so significantly reduced and my dad has had knee issues since college football. Uh, he’s in his mid fifties and he had results within weeks and still they sat me down and I just said, guys, I’m pretty sure this is what’s called a placebo.

Danielle:                       08:53                You’re just imagining in a way, uh, what, what you got going on for the last several years. And they said, Danielle, there’s not, there’s so much research behind this. This is an incredible field. And Look, just listened to us. Trust us when we want you to try this. And my reaction to all that love was, um, if you want to waste your money, fine, I’ll drink this stuff.

Kim:                             09:11                So my answer always is, when you say placebo effect is, who cares? Really, if you feel better, I’ve always answered that. Well, if I’m particularly with. I used to have acupuncture a lot and I felt better. And a lot of people who don’t believe in acupuncture would say, well, you know, just because you believed you felt, but I’m like, I don’t care. For me, that’s all that matters. So tell us then about the product that you found and let’s talk about that a little bit.

Danielle:                       09:41                Sure. So, uh, once it worked on me, what happened was actually my cognitive therapist said to me, Danielle, I had been working with people with your injury for over 30 years. And she said, I’ve never witnessed this kind of recovery this far out from an initial trauma. She said with your injury. It doesn’t happen and I’ll never forget that conversation with her because she looked me dead in the eye. And she said, what in the beep is that stuff that you started drinking? And it opened up a new world to us because she wanted to get in touch with the company. So we got to learn directly from the company, from the medical professional board there about what this was. And the nutshell of it is this, it’s yourselves there. Little sacks of saline and saline is used to make different molecules reductants and oxidants. And the role of those molecules have in the body is communication.

Danielle:                       10:24                So if you think about your cell phone, right? If you’re trying to make phone call and you have one bar service, we all know it’s going to be a very frustrating call and it’s one of these. Wait, can you hear me now? No. All right, let me walk over here and it’s fine. But if it was a situation that was critical, you know, you just got in an accident or your neighbor’s house is on fire, you’re trying to make a phone call and you can’t get through. It’s a big problem and in our bodies, these signaling molecules, we make less as we age and if you have the situation like I had where I just said so much damage to my body had gotten so out of balance. It was essentially like I had one bar service the call for help with going out, but my body wasn’t hearing and as soon as we put this in, we introduced this.

Danielle:                       11:01                It just amplified the call for help. It was like given five bars of service into my body and all this did was allow my body to heal itself. It just allowed for the communication to be restored. So your actual cognitive therapist saw the differences too. It’s not just you.

Danielle:                       11:14                Oh, absolutely. Yeah. She actually, she made me go tell it my tell my story, share the information, share the research to every single one of her clients.

Kim:                             11:24                Wow. So that’s pretty amazing. You think about it. So now let’s go ahead and talk about the product itself and the fact that that we’ve talked a little bit off offline. It is a network marketing distribution and sometimes people have resistance to that. So let’s talk a little bit about that.

Danielle:                       11:43                I know it’s like a dirty word for some people. I was apparently naive and lived under a rock.

Danielle:                       11:46                I didn’t even know that the industry existed until I found myself sitting and learning about a product that was coming to market through network. And it’s fascinating. You know, I actually, I was asked people because the reaction I get when I say that it was, I was curious about it. I’m a very curious person. That’s probably why I studied biology. I like to learn how things work and I have heard some horror stories about this industry and I have heard some incredible stories about this industry and the more I’ve become a student of the industry, the more I have just realized that it’s such an incredible avenue for people, uh, to be able to have an impact beyond themselves and to be able to, to get some, some income coming in. I am. I always think, you know, I learned a lesson when I was young that I’m very grateful for which is that in some positions, you know, you’re exchanging time for money and if, if you can’t show up to work you can’t earn.

Danielle:                       12:34                And that’s what happened to me when I was 23 and I’m just so grateful that I had a family I could, you know, move in with and recover. And financially I was okay. But with something like the network marketing industry, it’s interesting because it can allow you to create residual income. So if something were to happen, you know, if my accident were to happen again today, I’d be in a much better position to support myself because of work that I’ve been doing now. So I have to go on a tangent about that, but it’s just, I would love for people to be exposed to it because it’s, it’s when you get down to the root of what it is, it can be a fabulous thing. It just can also be manipulated and used improperly by some people.

Kim:                             13:09                As can almost anything, you know, I come out of, of the world of technology and could definitely tell you some stories about no kidding relations, uh, you know, obfuscating and making things much more difficult than they need to be because if you make more money that way.

Kim:                             13:27                Yeah. So that’s, that’s a great point. Now let’s talk then about the product itself.

Danielle:                       13:32                Sure. So basically, uh, it’s a liquid. It looks like water. It tastes a little bit honestly, like pool water. And all you do is you drink two ounces in the morning, two ounces at night. It’s something that you swish in your mouth before you swallow it, it’s actually absorbed, uh, the molecules that are in this are native to your body, so they’re bio identical to the ones that are already in your body, so you can’t be allergic to it. It’s nontoxic. It won’t interact poorly with anything that you’re currently taking because it’s native, which is, it’s, it’s what’s allowed me to feel so confident sharing this with others because I know that it’s safe and they have a topical Gel that they’ve also come out with. Now that’s more concentrated redox molecules, which will, it’s called Renu 28.

Danielle:                       14:12                And it’s something that you can use all over the body if you think about your skin damage, skin cells, um, you can probably think of things when the aging realm that it could help, but also just with, you know, kids dealing with acne and this imbalance in the skin. Um, to me it’s like a first date in a tube. I have used that stuff for cuts, burns, bruises, bug bites, poison ivy, all it’s doing is amplifying the call for help. And so the body just sends whatever’s needed to the area and we’re seeing incredible results.

Kim:                             14:39                This is a great story and I really appreciate you spending this time with me today. Tell us how people can get in touch with you.

Danielle:                       14:47                Sure. So I think the best way for people to find about this or to learn more. I do a lot actually here live in the county.

Danielle:                       14:55                I’m very passionate about education. I want people to learn about this technology and I do live events over at Lotus Heart Holistic Center, every single Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM and up in Cocoa at a Lifetime Fitness at 7:00 PM on Thursdays. Uh, but if someone wants to talk with me directly, an email would be great. And my email is just, my name is Danielle@brainbodyself.com. I tell people I help you empower your brain, your body and yourself.

Kim:                             15:22                And before we wrap up, Danielle, I understand that you have a big event coming up in October. Tell us a little bit about that. Sure. Well, I’m excited to say this company is actually coming to Melbourne, Florida because of, I think the enthusiasm I’ve had with sharing my story and making sure that people are just educated about this technology. They said that they want to come to the county and kind of help that education process even further and so on October sixth, it’s a Saturday, they are going to be coming to the Holiday Inn right over off 95 and Wickham road, uh, to the conference center there and from one to 2:30, it has meant that this is something that literally was decades in the making to get it to market where it is.

Danielle:                       16:00                And I would love to have anyone be able to come and just get educated because I think everyone deserves to know it’s an option out there and that is coming to get educated on the product. You can come and learn it about it. This is not just that you need to be signing up as a, as a rep to sell it. That’s not what. This is. Not at all. No, no, no. We have. That conversation is not there. Uh, this is just my, I was a teacher with my background in biology. I am just passionate that people need to understand how this works, you know, what it can mean for them and get their questions answered and then, you know, if it fits in your life, great. If you know someone that needs it, great. Um, but my, my desire is that it’s just a, a name and an understanding that everyone has in the county of what this is. So if they ever need it, they know where to get it. Great. Thank you. And we will put that link on the website also. Thank you again, Danielle. Thank you Kim.

Kim:                             16:50                Join us next time for another episode of Space Coast Stories. You can find the show notes and other information@spacecoaststories.com. The views of the guests on this show are their own and don’t necessarily represent the views of the show owners post were company. Thanks for listening to Space Coast Stories.



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