Bonus Episode 1 – A Space Coast’s Tie to an Urban Legend

Coverart for Bonus Episode 1 - a tale of how the Space Coast is linked to the Bermuda Triangle Urban Legend

If you grew up in Florida in the 1970’s, you couldn’t miss stories of the Bermuda Triangle. This “unofficial” triangle in the Atlantic ocean whose points are Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda is legend to have a high occurrence of having planes and boats disappear without a trace. Of course, the 1970’s were a time where many urban legends were explored with many television shows and movies. From big foot and the Loch Ness monster to aliens and the lost city of Atlantis, it seemed that people couldn’t get enough of the earth’s mysteries.

While the name Bermuda Triangle was coined in 1964 by author Vincent Gaddis in an article for a pulp magazine called The Argosy, legends of the area have been around for centuries. Christopher Columbus noted in his journal that they saw a strange light in the area, and that he could not get his compass to work. Strange magnetic fields causing navigation problems are a key part of the legends surrounding the area.

Listen to Bonus Episode 1 to Hear about the Space Coast and a link to The Bermuda Triangle Legend

Links to Information on the Legend of The Bermuda Triangle

Flight 19 Information from the Ft. Lauderdale NAS Museum –

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